Case Study: How I’ve Increased Sales By 228% Using A Simple A/B Split Test (And You Can Too)

Update – 3/15/14: I’ve included the result of my A/B test at the bottom of this post. When running A/B split tests, you’re randomly serving two variations of a webpage (A and B) to your visitors to determine which variation makes you more money. Still, most businesses don’t test because they don’t know where to […]

Why You Are Leaving Money On The Table By Not Running Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Instead of writing a blog post I’ve decided to turn on the mic and record a short podcast on dynamic retargeting. In this episode, I’m discussing: What is retargeting? What is dynamic retargeting? Why you should run dynamic retargeting ads Dynamic retargeting platforms How to set up dynamic retargeting Show Notes: Google Dynamic Remarketing for […]

Why I am living in Saigon, Vietnam

I’ve just realized that I’ve been living in Ho Chi Minh City (the locals call it “Saigon”), Vietnam for more than a year. I believe there’s no better place to stay in South East Asia for online entrepreneurs that are running non-venture backed businesses than Vietnam’s largest city and commercial hub. Here’s why. 1. Fast […]

Why You Should Pay Attention To Analytics, Even If You’re Not A “Numbers Guy” (+How To Measure Marketing ROI)

One of the biggest advantages of online marketing compared to traditional marketing is that it is very easy to measure which of your marketing, advertising or business initiatives work and which ones don’t. Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t fully take advantage of this. To make smart business decision you need data. While the vast majority […]

My Stupid Simple 4-Step Process For Hiring Kick-Ass Developers

I’ve coded the first few versions of Easy Pricing Tables myself because it seemed like fun. After a while the need to get a developer on board became apparent so I’ve decided to pull the trigger and hire. In this post I’m sharing what I’ve learned. Why hire a developer? What matters most in making […]

How To Measure SEO Success (& SEO ROI)

This is a followup to last week’s video – “How To Make Sure Your SEO Consultant Isn’t Scamming You“. Measuring the return on investment of SEO campaigns can be difficult at times – there’s no simple chart you can pull up like in AdWords. However, every business owner who spends significant amounts of money on […]

How To Make Sure Your SEO Consultant Isn’t Scamming You

A friend of mine recently showed me the ranking reports his SEO company sent him. While the report looked good on the surface (lots of keywords + good rankings), it turned out that that ranking report was deliberately misleading: It distracted from the SEO companies’ poor performance. Watch the video above if you want to […]